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Traditional home slaughter

23 years of experience


Home slaughter

Farm animals for meat!
  • At a client at home
  • Made by a professional
  • Tools of the trade
  • Possibility for further processing of meat
  • Cold transport


Delicious food for party
  • Sausages
  • Steaks
  • Whole animals
  • Kebab
  • Also catering

Emergency Slaughter

When you're in a hurry
  • Fast service
  • Continuous on-call service
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  • 040-9630643

Killing the animal

For old age and sickness
  • Pets
  • Livestock for production
  • Ethical and painless termination
  • No suffering

About the butcher and meats

The story of the home slaughterhouse and home butchery

Home slaughterhouse Milan is a company I founded in 2021 out of passion. My aim is to provide a high quality and traditional home butchery service in the Ostrobothnia region according to the wishes and requests of the customer. I have more than 20 years of experience in meat cutting and cooking from Snellmann and my own hobbies, combined with customer-oriented thinking. In other words, I'm easy to work with and you get your meat and food the way you want it, not the way it happens to come. 

I offer my services to anyone who needs help. My main clientele consists of livestock farmers who want to make easy use of the meat they produce on their home farm. I slaughter the animal, cut the meat, process the cuts into meat products and prepare a wedding meal with all the trimmings. I offer a full range of services that allow customers to enjoy high-quality, home-produced meat with ease, using my expertise. Each work order in this industry is individual, so all services can be agreed together to perfectly meet each client's needs. In addition, when the client is an entrepreneur, for example a farmer, they are usually able to deduct the cost of my services from their tax bill and receive a VAT refund from the government.
In addition to corporate clients, I also serve associations and individuals, of course. Common cases include the culling and/or slaughter of large domestic animals. It is common for a person to have, say, a few sheep or cows on their property that they want to slaughter. In such cases, it is probably easiest to ask me to help you with the proper killing and slaughtering of the animals. I cut the meat so that it is convenient to use in the kitchen and there is no waste of meat. A similar case is the killing of horses, where a professional and ethical killing by an outsider is the easiest way to help the animal.
I also work very much with various associations, especially hunting clubs, who need to get big game animals neatly meat. When cut by a professional, the valuable catch usually results in much more quality cuts for the kitchen. I also have a decent refrigerated truck that allows me to operate quite a distance from my base. It is also possible to ask me for help with refrigerated transport.

It is possible to deal with me in Finnish, English and Czech. Contact me using the contact details below and let's get started!

-Milan Kaluza-

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Feel free to contact me when you need home grooming, help with killing an animal or catering! Milan