Home slaughter

Farm animals for meat!
  • In the client's home
  • Made by a professional
  • Tools of the trade
  • Possibility for further processing of meat
  • Cold transport


Delicious food for party
  • Sausages
  • Steaks
  • Whole animals
  • Kebab
  • Also catering

Emergency Slaughter

When you're in a hurry
  • Fast service
  • Continuous on-call service
  • Call us right away
  • 040-9630643

Killing the animal

For old age and sickness
  • Pets
  • Livestock for production
  • Ethical and painless termination
  • No suffering

More detailed descriptions of services

We'll set a date and time for me to visit your farm. I will arrange for the animal to be killed and slaughtered on the farm, after which I will slaughter the animal as you wish, either directly on the farm or on my own premises as agreed. I will deliver the meat to you either as cuts or as processed products, as agreed. More information below in the form of questions.

We can home-breed almost all large domestic animals such as cows, pigs, sheep and horses.

We can guarantee the quality of the slaughter, both in terms of cutting and hygiene, and handle the animal's death in a calm manner. We have long experience and training in the field. You will not be disappointed.

Unfortunately not, but fortunately you can eat more of it at home.

The Food Authority says: "Meat from animals slaughtered on the farm may not be sold or otherwise disposed of, but may only be used for the producer's own private consumption.

If a producer wants to sell the meat of the animals he has reared himself, the animals must be slaughtered in an approved slaughterhouse, where they are subjected to a meat inspection. The meat can then be returned to the farm for sale. The sale of meat taken back from the slaughterhouse is a sale of foodstuffs and a food premises declaration must be submitted to the municipal food control authority." [Food Authority 27.7.2021]

I offer home slaughtering, among other services, in Ostrobothnia, about 100 kilometres from my base in Edsevö. I will have my own refrigerated truck, which will allow me to work quite far away.

Thanks for asking, yes it is! I have additional training for this very purpose, which qualifies me for home slaughter and animal euthanasia. see more details From the Info page.

No. The meat does not need to be inspected, as in the case of home slaughter the meat is only for the subscriber's own use and not, for example, for sale.

I have a proper refrigerated truck, which allows me to come to you to slaughter the slaughtered animals in proper and hygienic conditions. I can also transport meat to my home for further processing in cold storage. It is also possible to hire a refrigerated transport service from me.

Home butchery is the bread and butter of Home Butcher Milan. Home-cut meat can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes for the farm.

Cooking and grilling is a handy way to combine home cooking. For example, I can take the grill with me when I come to do the butchering and the meat is sizzling while I wait.

I prepare a wide variety of delicious dishes from your own home-cut meats. You can order from me anything you can think of. I can also prepare meat side dishes and complete meals. Call me and we'll discuss it further.

We prepare a wide range of delicious meat dishes from home slaughtered animals for you. We can grill the animal whole or even wrap it up in tasty sausages. Or how about a delicious kebab to serve to friends. In a word, we can handle almost any meat preparation imaginable, from smoking to sausage making.

Absolutely! We have cooked good food for all kinds of parties and celebrations, from dinners to weddings. We can even prepare the food for your party from your own animals or source the meat from elsewhere. In addition to meat dishes, we also prepare salads and vegetarian dishes for special diets. If you wish, we can provide a complete catering service for your party.

Home butcher Milan makes delicious sausages for the customer from home-butchered meat, for example.

Emergency slaughter differs from home slaughter in its urgency. I will come when you ask me and take care of the slaughter and, if you wish, the cutting of the animal. If you want to sell the meat, a medical examination is required in addition to the slaughter, and the meat is then sent to the slaughterhouse of your choice for further processing.

Emergency slaughter is possible when a healthy animal is injured.

Emergency monitoring sometimes comes up quickly, so it's good to know how to act. In order to eat the meat of an injured animal, it must be healthy apart from the injury. It is also possible to send an emergency slaughtered animal to a slaughterhouse for further processing if the meat is to be sold. In this case, a veterinary opinion on the condition of the animal is required.

The Food Authority says: "An injured domestic ungulate may be subjected to emergency treatment at the holding. Before the animal is killed, the official veterinarian must carry out a live inspection of the animal. The person who kills the animal must know how to kill the animal without causing it avoidable pain, suffering or distress. After stunning and bleeding, the animal shall be transported without undue delay to an approved slaughterhouse where the slaughter shall be completed." [Food Authority 27.7.2021]

We are usually ready to carry out an emergency survey on a very short notice, so call 040 9630643 right away! 

However, we reserve the right to sleep and rest, so sometimes we may be blocked. However, we will stick to what we have agreed.

The main difference is urgency. Whereas traditional home monitoring can be arranged in advance and the time can be set in the calendar, emergency monitoring does not require time or even a place. But if it's a farm animal on a production farm, the meat may be wanted for sale. In this case, a medical check is also required before the meat can be sent to the slaughterhouse for further processing. If it is decided to keep the meat on the farm, it is possible to move from emergency slaughter to cutting, leaving the finished meat products on the farm.

Milan, the home slaughterhouse, will provide emergency slaughtering and help deliver the animal to the slaughterhouse or, alternatively, will cut the meat for the customer's own use.

Killing an animal is usually a sad thing. Fortunately, you can ask me to help you with this and you can be confident that your beloved friend will have a painless final journey. I believe that having an outsider do it for you will be calmer and less stressful for the animal, and you can concentrate on the grieving process in peace.

We have the possibility to kill the most common large domestic and pet animals such as horses, pigs, cows and sheep. Please contact us and we will discuss further.

On. We do everything calmly and professionally, so that the animal does not suffer or suffer any pain or suffering as a result of the killing. The killing is carried out in an appropriate manner, usually with a bolt gun.

Home slaughterhouse Milan handles the killing of both pets and farm animals without suffering. We handle the culling of horses, cows and pigs due to illness and old age.

Cold transport

Proper cold transport is an important part of home slaughtering, when you want hygienic meat cutting facilities on the farm or when meat is exported for further processing. Cold transport ensures maximum preservation, hygiene and quality of valuable meat. When you deal with me, you can be sure that your meat will be handled with the utmost care.

I also hire out my refrigerated truck for transporting meat according to the customer's needs. You can ask me to transport your meat to a slaughterhouse of your choice, for example. Please contact me and we will agree on more details.

In addition to home slaughtering, Milan also provides cold transport services


Contact information for Kotiteurastamo


Contact information for Kotiteurastamo

Feel free to contact me when you need home grooming, help with killing an animal or catering! Milan